Atletico Madrid Beats Bayern Munich 1-0 in Champions League

                        SAUL NIGUEZ, What a Goal!

The match is very good with two teams well above the quality of the match we saw last night in the other semi-final. The moment of geneous came from the Atletico player Niguez who literally passed with dodging and twisting the whole defense of Bayern and then beat the goalkeeper with a great passing twirl.

That was some goal and I am sure plenty

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Leicester Thrashes Swansea 4-0

 Mahrez Led, Mahrez Scored , Leicester Excelled

They did not need Vardy. They scored four without their top scorer but with a different Mahrex who scored a good goal and crated many more fot he whole team.

This was the Leicester fo three weeks ago and now I believe they can win the Premiership, should…

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