Messi Messes Arsenal and Thrills The Crowds

Arsenal Stood Up to Barcelona but Not to Messi

The match was as good as expected with Arsenal playing their football and trying to avoid to inevitable. The team payed very well in all its lines except the front one where the lack of goals was the missing element. On the contrary, Barcelona played very well and dominated the match but the difference was one players at the front.

Leonard Messi

He delivered when it was expected and the difference was the  two goals of the match. Alongside him he had two other great players in Neymar and Suarze, who should have scored another two on the night had he been on ball. This Barcelona team looks good but what makes it exceptional is the front line of three players in

Messi, Neymar and Suarez


The will make the difference in any team and that is why Barcelona is a different team

Our thought end with a good play for Arsenal and its players. The result of 2-0 was NO disgrace!!

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